Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You

Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You

Actor's Marketing Consultant

Helping Actors, Child Actors, Parents of Child Actors, those returning to Acting and Retirees in an industry that has no rules.

As an Actor's Marketing Consultant, I help you with the parts of your career neither your Manager nor Agent can do  so you can get going on your Acting Career (whether you are the Actor or the Parent of a Child Actor). I  help you with the marketing part of your business including  the  technology/social media side. 

The Business of Acting can be very convoluted, scary and fun.  I am not only here to help the Actors, Child Actors, Parents of Child Actors, Returning Actors and Retirees but to educate. My purpose is to make life a little easier, less costly and help you understand the entire business of acting. This includes navigating the many relationships not just with your Agent and or Manager but how you deal with Casting Directors, Production and Acting Coaches.  


FAQ - Actor's Marketing Consultant

How do I start my Acting (Parent of Child Actor) Career?

I will help you with the Acting "Business" whether you are the Actor, Parent of a Child Actor, Retiree or getting back into the business.  We will create a marketing plan that is implementable.  However I do suggest purchasing the book first and getting started with the  FREE review of your answers to the questionnaire.

Should I get a Manager and an Agent? Actor or Child Actor

This is addressed in my book, but sometimes we need a little more detail in order to make a plan of action in terms of chosing a Manager.  We can create a plan for you the Actor or the Parent of a Child Actor.

How do I market myself or my child? Actor/ Parent of Child Actor

I can help you market yourself or your child actor.  I can teach you how to use the tools that are available to you while you are first starting out or have started your journey.  Additionally we can set up a package where I will provide you with guidance on who to contact  and how to get there.  Again it is hard to focus on your craft and manage the Business Side that an Agent or Manager is not equipped to do.

How should my Resume look? Actor/Child Actor

I can help you with the content of your Resume whether it is for you or your Child Actor.  I can assist you in re-purposing the Resume with skills that are applicable to the Entertainment Industry.

Headshots-Actor, Child Actor

 I can help you decide  which photographer would be a good photographer for you or your Child Actor.  I can assist you with the "looks" that you or your child actor  would like to portray.

Do I join SAG/AFTRA? Actor, Child Actor, etc.

This is the question everyone asks and there are a lot of variables to consider whether you are an Actor or the Parent of a Child Actor.  SAG/AFTRA offers many FREE resources to an Actor/Child Actor.  We can discuss this as it is an individual decision and sometimes the answer is NO and sometimes it is YES. Let's discuss.

Don't forget to keep a copy of your receipt so you can schedule your FREE phone review of the questionnaire provided in the Guidebook to determine your plan of action.

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