Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You

Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You


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Author, SAG/AFTRA, Consulting/Marketing Packages including Action Plans

Joann Perahia is an author, judge and a Performing Arts  Marketing Planner in the Metro New York Area and is available for Speaking, Creating a Performing Arts Business Action Plan and ongoing DIY Consultations. 

When my twins (Alexandre and Philippe Haussmann) were children they showed the talent for acting. Alex and Philippe played the roles of the Russian twins in Roland Emmerich's feature film 2012. At that time our family made a conscious decision for me to manage their acting careers versus continuing in my profession in Information Technology and Digital Marketing for 20 years. Along with “2012” my twins were in commercials, PSAs (Public Service Announcements) industrials, feature films, TV Pilots and flown around the world for screen tests. My twins became SAG/AFTRA members, which is a question one always asks and I address in the book, THE UNABASHED TRUTHS THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY WON'T TELL YOU, A GUIDE TO THE BUSINESS OF ACTING.


Alex and Philippe continued on to college and graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology. They have pursued other endeavors but always come back to acting when they are asked.

Over the course of 12 years, being my sons’ manager has enabled me to navigate a business with no rules and obtain an enormous amount of information and resources regarding the Entertainment industry for Actors. I would like to share this information that no one else will. This came about because one of my children’s acting schools asked that I develop a class for Parents of Child Actors. I did that and then expounded on the class for adults regarding the business of acting. One day a colleague suggested that I take my class and make it a book. So here it is. 

On my journey I have been an Talent Agent's assistant. I also started my own retirement acting career, as now I am a SAG/AFTRA member too. I know the ins and outs of being on a set based upon my experiences with my twins and myself.  I also judge at skating competitions and performing arts conventions.  I created my book to give you a bit of insight on the business side of performing arts without spending time and money wastefully.

To learn more, go to my book page. With a proof of purchase (a screenshot or receipt emailed to me) you can get a FREE Review of the questionnaires that I have developed in the book that will help determine up front if this is the path for you and/or your child. We will spend 30 minutes to review and discuss your answers. 

Indulge yourself on some honesty regarding the Business of Acting, which is a rarity. The book covers actors, parents of actors and retirees. I focus on Background (Extra) work for Retirees as today Retirees either have to supplement their income or Retirees just want something to do.  Background work is a lot of fun if you are in a filming city. There are many cities all over the country that do filming, not just NYC/LA.  You can purchase the book below to get more information.

My Blog and Newsletter will have anecdotes on situations that arise when one is pursuing the "Acting" journey that relates to the “Business” side with good information you can use for yourself to guide you. Each will cover different topics. I also will post current articles with my experiences as to the accuracy of the information based upon real life knowledge of myself and others that I have met along the way. 

Every actor has questions and as in my book I state that one can ask the same question to 5 people in the industry and get 5 different answers. Both the Newsletter and the Blog give you honesty and a place for support. I hope you enjoy it.

Actor Marketing Consultant

This is a Business with no rules.  Don't you want answers quickly? Whether you are an Actor, Parent of a Child Actor, Retiree, or just getting back into the Acting Industry, scroll down to purchase my book and become eligible for a FREE review of the questionnaire contained in the book to help determine if this Business is for you. 

Get EDUCATED about the Business of Acting. 

The Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You, A Guide to the Business of Acting

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What is  different in this book is that it is not any thing you've come across.  The book addreses the BIG Picture (not film) and shows you how to navigate the Acting industry without it  costing you  an arm and a leg and the necessity of rummaging through a 300 page book. What do I mean by that? I discuss conscisely all of the different aspects of the Business of Acting. Covered are the relationships you come across and need to maintain from your Acting  Coach, Casting Directors to Talent  Agents and Talent Managers along with Production on a Set. As I state in my book “The Cast of Characters” no pun intended.  The guidebook also covers the responsibilities of the parents of Child Actors. It gives you the "Parent Bootcamp" of Child Actors in an easy to read manual 

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Get everything you need to know to get you  started whether you are the Parent of a Child Actor, an Actor or a Retiree looking for a career change.

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Let's review the questionnaires in the book specifically created in order to help determine whether this business is for you and or your  child (this includes the retiree).   

In order to succeed in this business, it is extremely important you answer these questions. They do determine whether you will do well in this business with no rules.

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