Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You

Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You



"Unabashed Truths the Entertainment Industry Won't Tell You, A Guide to the Business of Acting"

  • Questions to ask yourself to determine if you  can handle the "Business" side either for yourself or your  Child Actor
  • How do I get started? Whether you are the parent of a Child Actor, Actor or Retiree
  • Do I need Acting Classes?  Does my child need Acting Classes?
  • Where do I find quality Acting Classes for myself or my child?
  • Do I need Headshots?  Does my child need headshots? 
  • How do I find a good photographer? 
  • What should I spend on a Headshot? How Often?
  • What is the format of a Headshot Resume?
  • Do I  need an Agent ?(Child Actor)
  • Do I need a Manager?(Child Actor)
  • How do I get an audition?(Child Actor)
  • What is "pay to play" 
  • How do I  avoid scams?(Child Actor)
  • And many more questions and answers!!

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  • This book contains questionnaires developed  to specifically address whether this industry is for you and/or your child (including Retirees) on the Business of Acting. 
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  • I will help you decide whether this is the career path you want to take (for you and/or your child).
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What is Being Said About the Book

Bob Luke, Celebrity Acting Coach, NYC/LA

Joann's book will save you time, money and personal distress!  

Jacque Pedersen-Schrimscher, Talent Agent, Los Angeles/NYC/Mid-South

 A must read for anyone and everyone no matter age, location or where you are on the ladder of success. Anyone from novices to veterans who want to reboot their careers will gain information and insight from Joann’s book. Save time, heartache and money - buy and read this book immediately! 

David Bellantoni, CastingDirector/Writer Director, NYC/LA

 Joann’s guide book is right on the mark. A succinct, honest and trustworthy view of the business of acting from an insider with a unique perspective.  

Megan Martin, LMSW, SAG/AFTRA, NYC

Learning from those who have jumped the hurdles of the entertainment industry Joann Perahia’ s testimony and guide book is drawn from real experiences. Make this book a part of your acting career action plan! 

Sue Rossi, OLY, 1984 Olympics, Luge Team/ CA

Joann’s book is an easy read with a wealth of information at your fingertips for a parent of a child actor, actor or retiree. She gives you leads and the hard-cold truths in order to navigate the industry.